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Social Media: Confusing the "Thing" with the "Think"
by Mark Hornung


Do you have a social media strategy?

It's easy to taken with the latest and the greatest, but all the technology in the world won't make your company successful if you don't deploy it with a sound strategy.

In this latest white paper, Hodes employer branding expert Mark Hornung looks at social media and the strategy (or lack thereof) that today's companies are using in the online world.

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Who is the Millennial Generation?

This is the question that the Hodes New Voices Project sets out to answer, specifically in terms of how Millennials view the workplace, the importance of work/life balance, and where and to whom they turn when starting the job search.

89% visit a social networking site at least once a week; 73% prefer to apply to jobs by emailing their resume directly to the organization; the most important factors cited when considering working for a new employer are compensation, including benefits (59%), the work itself (38%), and work/life balance (31%)

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Stuck in the talent quagmire?

Quicksand is a catalyst for recruitment change. This indispensable guide given to us by Carol Barber, Executive Vice President at Bernard Hodes Group and Karen Hart, RN, BSN, is Senior Vice President in the Health Care Division at Bernard Hodes Group identifies the most common HR challenges, and gives you the tools to address them.  Within it, you'll find the latest information and techniques on improving recruitment process, and simple solutions to produce the hiring results your company wants.

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Employer Branding as the Foundation for Organizational Success
By D. Mark Hornung Senior VP, Bernard Hodes

A strong employer brand has been shown to be an essential foundation for success in enterprise today, and the one element of an organization that defies emulation. This paper highlights the process by which an organization can begin thinking critically about its employer brand, as well as how best to communicate that brand to both current employees and prospective candidates. An organization that unifies these efforts into one cohesive Brand Vision can effectively cut through the clutter to find today's top talent.

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Is your organization Playing for Keeps?

The Bernard Hodes Group 2007 Workplace Study – Playing for Keeps/Recruiting for Retention dives deep into these issues.  The survey was conducted among both full and part-time employees and focuses on drivers for retention and how companies should focus recruiting efforts on retaining top talent.

Available free to Clients, Bernard Hodes Group is offering Playing for Keeps/Recruiting for Retention to the general public for $495.

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A newsletter published by EMA Partners International periodically

This latest Newsletter from EMA Partners International open with one simple question from our British Partner, James Douglas, Founder member of EMA Partners International and former Chairman: "Credit Crisis: What do we do now?". Other interesting topics you will find inside: "Smooth Succession" by Ed Mruk, Managing Director, Mruk & Assocs./EMA Partners, New York, "Employee Engagement" by Slade Partners, our Partners in Melbourne, Australia, "The Baby Boomers" by Jean Raymond, Managing Partner, EMA Partners Montreal,  "Driving Sustainable Growth" a study by EMA Partners - Monitor Group and "Is there a Strategy Behind Layoffs?" from Knowledge@Wharton.

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"The Business Case for Employer Branding"
by Paul Austermuehle

In this white paper Hodes SVP of Employer Branding Paul Austermuehle provides an approach to financially sound budgeting for employer branding activities. In order to create budgets with a strong business case, it is important to start with a clear idea of the expected financial ROI.

The first section of The Business Case for Employer Branding explores a variety of financial outcomes deriving from employer brand investments. The second part targets metrics and key performance indicators that can be used to frame the budgeting process. The third segment describes a viable budgeting model and provide samples of application.

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