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We believe that sharing knowledge and information makes us all better. Thought leadership stands at the very heart of our profession and represents the essential value we offer to our clients.

Our entire professional life is a continuous effort dedicated to reaching the premier idea creators and learning from them. We strive to discover the groundbreaking ideas when it was born and disseminate the thought. We value knowledge as much as we value creativity. And all our business partners, be them clients, candidates, media partners, contractors and affiliates, share this value of ours.

Please find some of the knowledge sources we found interesting over the years:


 Useful Links and Resources


 White papers and case studies



Webinar: Are You and Your Candidates on the Same Page?
10/09/2018 - Any organization with a limited talent pool, regardless of industry, will benefit from this upcoming Webinar hosted by Symphony Talent
Forbes CEE Forum
10/09/2018 - Marii actori ai business-ului se intalnesc la cea de-a cincea editie a Forumului Regional Forbes!


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