Sustainability Open Training Events

Justification for Trainings: As a new member of the European Union, Romania will be increasingly required to adapt to principles and directives of the supranational institution, which are to be enforced by national legislation. Advice Human Resources understands the importance of preparing their clients for this new business environment, especially during a time that is also characterized by economic downturn. In order to provide better service to their clients, Advice has partnered with ISOSGroup Global, SRL to conduct sustainability centered trainings.

Purpose of Trainings: To increase participants’ understanding of sustainability issues affecting their company; to understand the necessity of including sustainability in the company’s strategy in an effort to effectively compete in a market defined by transparency and compliance to national and multinational directives.

Incentives: On the macro-level, companies will be better equipped to compete in an evolving marketplace focused on sustainability and adherence to legislation aimed at mitigating environmental impacts. On a micro-level, participants will be able to develop their understanding of issues that affect business as we know it. Upon completion, participants will be able to devise integrated methods for implementing sustainability efforts, which also increases individual marketability.

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Supply Chain Manager
The company entered Romania on the market in 1996, growing until these days as being the largest company in its field of production. Our Client
Project Manager
One of the most important companies seeks to become the largest independent hotel operator in the Central and Eastern Europe through the continuously changing hospitality and tourism market environment.


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