Our vision

 We think of ourselves as one of the most dynamic players on Romanian HR market. We stand out from the crowd mainly by being focused on quality.

Our clients rely on us especially because they know that we invest in every search. We invest skills and knowledge, interest and devotion, money and time.

We treasure values as quality and speed of actions, confidence, dynamism and long-term partnership, performance and strength, leadership.

We invest in people since they are clearly the basis of our success.

The ethical rules that govern the practice of our profession are laid down by the AESC
(Association of Executive Search Consultants) code. (*) 

...Please see details at www.aesc.org 


You know that Executive Search is about quality. It is about knowing what to search and where to do it. About the skills that allow a dedicated consultant to attract high-flyers and top talents.

The excellence of our recruiters consists of the ability to understand you and the best means to exceed your highest expectations. For us, it is a natural evolution: locate leaders, attract them in a way they simply cannot refuse, work on their integration within your organization, watch them as they grow, assist them with their development, help the development of functional teams. 

We target quality in human capital: we hunt leadership and charisma, we strive to spot vision an innovation in our candidates, and we feel their power of action.



Please see details about our expertise in different industries and functions. 

Please see current career opportunities, our international reach and ask us to give details.  




Webinar: Are You and Your Candidates on the Same Page?
10/09/2018 - Any organization with a limited talent pool, regardless of industry, will benefit from this upcoming Webinar hosted by Symphony Talent
Forbes CEE Forum
10/09/2018 - Marii actori ai business-ului se intalnesc la cea de-a cincea editie a Forumului Regional Forbes!


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