A team: skills and commitment. Our consultants will assist you to clarify your needs, not only by asking questions but also by giving information. You teach and you learn in the same time.

When it comes to talk about our USPs, about what sets Advice Human Resources apart, we are proud to present our team:

 Rudolf FEDOROVICI, Managing Partner
 Marius DOMIL, Research  Consultant

We have deep, specialized knowledge of and expertise in a relevant marketplace. Whenever we add a new member to our team we make sure that, besides a good personality, they have superior professional skills.  Our consultants work collaboratively to provide the quality you expect, at the minimum.

We say our top-five, most important, skills are: Communication, Interpersonal approach, Integrity, Clarity and Persistence.

Every task is undertaken by a Senior Consultant who becomes the Project Manager and, therefore, fully and exclusively responsible for the success of the process. She/he is the person you will be asking anything you need anytime you need it.

Please ask us to provide the arguments of our capabilities for a specific assignment so you can consider us reliable.

To increase our power, we sometimes rely on contractors, subcontractors and/or project based specialists to assist us during the assignments. We extend our capabilities in a flexible and efficient manner on national and international level.

All these business partners are prompted to acknowledge and to subscribe to all our values, goals, commitments and ethics. Nevertheless we always take and assume the entire responsibility for their actions.





14/05/2019 - An authentic networking and experience sharing platform, to discuss advanced business transformation ideas, authentic development business models, innovations, growth and advanced technologies to shape the world of CEOs in the next years of unprecedented changes.
Intalnire HR Partner || Employee Experience
13/05/2019 - O strategie coerenta de Employee Experience poate avea un impact pozitiv semnificativ asupra performantelor indivizilor, echipelor si companiilor in ansamblu.


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